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Dear_Mun Post 003.

hopeful little urchin
Mun has evil enabler friends, who she does love really
So ... I'm getting moved? Alright, alright, c'n deal wif this, ain't notfing so bad. ... Whassat? School? ... Ain't never been, ain't never going. An' I don't hang 'bout wif no stoopid girls neither.

Why I'm geting a new home anyways? You don't hardly ever play me, and you ain't even gotten near me in that book!

... 'Ponine? My ... Ain't like it matters none, she ain't ever cared before. I ain't going to no school, no matter what you say!

I'll rule this place before they know it, an' all. No inspector'll stop me!

Dear_Mun Post 002.

can see a better world
Got Some Questions For Ya!
Alright mun? Coupla questions. First ... what's the deal with my sc.. scr... that thing "top_oftheclass"

[It's from one of the songs in relation to you...]

...Oh. OH! An' the city, what's with the name Patria? ... Sounds familiar actually.

[...No comment]

You know, you're not really that good at the straight answer thing. Maybe you should do that thing. Might help out.

And 'onestly, I ain't gonna be in awe of a posh kid's fancy dwellings. Just a 'ouse ain't it? M'free, he ain't. Big difference there.

'Onestly. Like you n'er even read the book.

[...erm... you're musical verse...]

Point still stands!  

MuseMostWanted Post 001.

hopeful little urchin
Your Muse: Gavroche. Also on the behalf of Eponine trees_are_bare  
Muse Wanted: Any Les Misérables character! Gavroche would like the Amis best, but any welcome and wanted ^^ Would also like to say, since it is a multi theatre/musical fandom comm, that any characters from other shows are welcome too!
Community: prophets_song  
Fandom: Les Misérables.
Canon: Canon. Gavroche is taken from when he has scaled the barricade, before his death.
Book, Movie, Game, Other: Play
Contact via: Here work's fine.

Dear_Mun post 001.

can see a better world

Apped at prophets_song.

How do you do?

So ... apartments. Right pretty they look, but I won't be in 'em if you get accepted? 

[Gavroche frowns just slightly, before shaking it off]

Eh, streets'll do me. What would I want with one of those big places anyway? Learn more on the streets you do, can rule the city from there.

...Hope we get in.

[[OOC: *mun flail at accent. goes to rewatch* Canon is Les Miserables]]

OOC: Application for prophets_song

can see a better world
~*Your Character*~
Canon: Les Miserables
Appearance: Gavroche is a young child - 10 years old at the most. He is a street urchin, wearing ragged clothing, and a cap. He is usually depicted as a dark-haired, fair skinned (if slightly dirty) child
Personality: Gavroche is a very cheerful child, never really letting his situation in life get him down.
Hobbies/Interests: This isn't really known, what we do know is he enjoys spending time around the ABC Cafe, and near the Amis.
Family/Relationships: In the playbill for the show, he is said to be the son of the Thénardiers, but this is not indicated in the context of the musical itself. This would mean that Eponine is his sister. In the musical, Gavroche spends most of his time in the company of the Friends of the ABC
Character Journal: [info]top_oftheclass

~*Writing Sample*~
First Person:
[*Gavroche looks up at the apartment building with a sense of awe*] Right pretty, ain't it. Fancy digs. [*Of course, he's not actually staying there. He could never afford it. Havin' said that, o'course, there's nothing to say that there couldn't be some ... empty room he could get a heat from.*]

OOC: Character Information

can see a better world
Gavroche is a fictional character from the novel Les Misérables by Victor Hugo.


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